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Example questions customers ask HR OnDemand

Leaves of Absence (LOA)
  • Our company provides a bonus to all employees based on overall company performance. Do we have to pay an employee who is out on LOA, and would payment of bonus impact his disability payments?
  • When an employee is on a LOA, must the employer continue health insurance, or is this a COBRA event?
  • We have an employee who does not qualify for FMLA. We would like to know what other types of leave she might be qualified to use. What are the eligibility requirements for these?
  • Now that we have more than 50 employees, we understand that HR gets a little more complicated. Do you have a list of things that need to be done to stay as compliant as possible?
  • We are a transportation company with 75 employees in the states of Illinois, Michigan and Indiana. What employment laws and mandatory training apply to our company?
  • Are employers required to notify employees if cameras are installed in the general areas?
Wage and Hour
  • What is the difference between exempt and nonexempt classifications and what are the requirements to classify a job as exempt?
  • Can an employer make a deduction from an employee’s pay or have him work a day for free because the employee broke the employer’s equipment?
  • Can nonexempt employees waive lunch breaks? What are the requirements for the two rest breaks for an eight-hour shift?
  • If the company is closed for Labor Day on Monday, and an employee who works on Sundays wants to take Sunday off and work on Monday while the business is closed, is this ok?
  • Is it acceptable to terminate an employee because we believe he is at risk of having an accident as an older driver?
  • What documentation is required to properly terminate an employee?
  • I have an employee stating that he is going to quit but hasn’t officially given his resignation. Can we terminate the employee now on grounds of anticipating his quitting the company?

FAQ's about HR OnDemand

How much does HR OnDemand cost?
It’s free for our policyholders! HR OnDemand provides you with expert HR advice and knowledge solutions designed to help your company thrive — at no cost to you.
Can anyone in my company use HR OnDemand?
HR OnDemand is available to anyone in your company that deals with HR issues — HR professionals, owners, executives and managers. Simply have them sign up using the form on this page.
I just became a policyholder. Can I get HR OnDemand?
Yes! Whether you’ve been an ICW Group policyholder for a while or are brand new, sign up here and you’ll be on your way to receiving trusted HR advice.
What if I’m no longer an ICW Group policyholder?
HR OnDemand is a value-added service only available to ICW Group policyholders during the term of their workers’ compensation policy. We look forward to welcoming you back in the future.
What is ThinkHR?
To provide HR OnDemand, ICW Group has partnered with ThinkHR, a leading human resource solutions company. ThinkHR combines live HR expertise with innovative online technology to deliver trusted HR knowledge solutions and advice you can trust. To learn more about ThinkHR, visit

HR OnDemand® is used under license; ICW Group is not affiliated with HR On Demand, LLC.

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